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State Representative District 4

Representation For All The People – All The Time

'Big Ed' to Stay in the House 


Culver to run for a second term in the state House Tahlequah, Okla.: Bob Ed Culver, a Republican, today filed for re-election to be state representative.

"We've made great strides ensuring Cherokee County is strongly represented at the state Capitol," Culver said. "I'm proud to protect our values, defend our rural schools and stop federal government overreach. This is not about partisan politics; it's about Cherokee County roads, schools, small businesses, institutions and health care facilities. It's about working together without compromising on core principles." "But there is more work to be done, and I would be humbled for the great people of Cherokee County to re-elect me so I can finish the job," Culver said.

In his first term in office, Culver was added to the Speaker of the House's leadership team, an honor for a freshman member. He serves as vice-chainnan,ofthe House Civil Judiciary Committee and serves on the Transportation Committee, County & Municipal Government Committee, and Transportation Appropriation and Budget Committee.

A cattleman and businessman, Culver is a native of Cherokee County and graduated from Tahlequah High School. He went on to play on the offensive line for the Oklahoma Sooners under legendary coach Barry Switzer. He earned a Bachelor of Arts and Science Psychology degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1981.

"Our goal is to put America first, and support traditional Oklahoma values," said Culver, who is endorsed by the NRA. "We can't give an inch in defense of the Second Amendment or our God-given rights. Law and order and public safety shouldn't be up for debate." Culver is a lifelong member of the NRA and belongs to the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association.

He's a member of the Tahlequah Chamber of Commerce, the Cherokee County Cattlemen's Association, the Tahlequah Community Foundation, and was recently inducted into the Tahlequah High School Sports Hall of Fame and recognized as an NSU Centennial. Culver is a graduate of the 2019 NORA Leadership Academy and the 2020 Leadership Exchange Academy. He is also a member of the Tahlequah First United Methodist Church, Friend of the Thompson House, Friend of the Tahlequah Library, supporter of CASA, Help in Crisis, Habitat for Humanity, and the Care Food Pantry.

"Everyone who lives and works in Cherokee County wants to feel safe, drive on smooth roads, send their kids to great schools and have a good job. We have conservative values and a way of life worth protecting."

Culver has been married for 39 years to his wife, Julie. The couple have three married children and six grandchildren.

"I love my home and want to work for all the people all the time," said Culver. "I've said all along that I'm about big leadership, big hearts and big service. It's a privilege to represent the people of Cherokee County, and I look forward to continuing to serve." "I pledge to continue to be YOUR voice at the capitol and to make it a priority to vote. As always, have a great day!"



Bob Ed Leads Big For

House District 4

Who Is Bob Ed Culver?

Bob Ed Culver is:

  • A man with a strong moral compass
  • A man who believes hard work and common sense can get good things accomplished
  • An effective, proven leader who will put Cherokee County first
  • A leader who will show up for work and vote to accomplish important goals for Cherokee County
  • A man who will stand for principle and do the right thing even when it means working across party lines
  • A patriot who loves America and will always respect our flag and our National Anthem
  • A strong advocate of law enforcement and the military, who will reject any attempts to defund public safety
  • A  man of law and order who will not tolerate lawlessness and anarchy
  • A passionate advocate for public education who will protect rural schools from the elites and the big city politicians
  • A change-maker who believes it is time to take back Cherokee County from the establishment and those who promote the far-left agenda
  • A son, husband, father, grandfather, and a man of faith who will work to instill old-fashioned, traditional Cheorkee County values back into our representation at the Oklahoma State Capitol
  • An unwavering patriot who will never bend or compromise when it comes to protecting American jobs
  • A staunch defender of the Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms and endoresed by the NRA
  • A firm believer in the U.S. Constitution


Oklahoma Speaker of the House Charles McCall Endorses

Bob Ed Culver!


State Senator Dewayne Pemberton Endorses Bob Ed Culver


Educators Support Bob Ed Culver


Eastern Oklahoma Values

Bob Ed and his wife of 37 years Julie, a retired schoolteacher, understand and live the values so important to residents of Cherokee County.  A 1976 graduate of Tahlequah High School, Bob Ed always kept his love of Tahlequah close to his heart.  His father, the late Bob Ed Culver, Sr., served the people of Tahlequah and Cherokee County for many years as a fireman, in emergency management, and as a state representative. The family has served the people in some of their greatest times of need for nearly a century.  Bob Ed wants to continue that family legacy and serve the people here now.

“I’m about big leadership, big hearts and big service.  I believe common sense and cooperation get it done.”