Military Veterans Support

Bob Ed Culver!


Oklahoma Speaker of the House Charles McCall Endorses

Bob Ed Culver!


Conservative Democrats Like

Allen Campbell Support

Bob Ed Culver!


Bob Ed Culver Will Support

Tribal Nations


Bob Ed Culver on Small Businesses, Farmers and Ranchers



Bob Ed Culver on Law Enforcement


Bob Ed Culver Is Endorsed By OK2A


Former Tahlequah City Council Member JoAnn Bradley Supports Bob Ed Culver

for State Representative


State Senator Dewayne Pemberton Endorses Culver for

State Represenatitve


Don’t Believe the Lies!



Patriots Support Culver



Cherokee Nation Tribal Counselor Wes Nofire Endorses

Bob Ed Culver

Educators Support Bob Ed Culver


Patriotic Americans

Support Bob Ed Culver


Rural Educators Support Culver

Gun Owners, Hunters and

2A Advocates Support Culver

Gun owners, hunters and Second Amendment advocates support the only candidate endorsed by the NRA, Bob Ed Culver.  He will always stand up for the rights of the law abiding gun owners and hunters.



Small Business Owners

Support Culver

Small business owners across Cherokee County are supporting Bob Ed Culver.  He supports small business owners and will fight for us in the state legislature.

Culver on Education

Education is important and I will be in the meetings fighting for your needs.  Billy Flint explains.


Cherokee County Strong!

Click HERE to see our latest video message from Bob Ed




Paperwork Officially Filed!


It’s official! This week I filed my paperwork for the opportunity to serve as your state representative. At the request of the state election board, seeking to lessen the effects of COVID-19, I mailed my filing via the Tahlequah Post Office. I believe in challenging times, we need maturity and life experience. I offer myself to be your servant at the state Capitol. I would be humbled to have your vote and support. I will be a full-time representative; Cherokee County deserves no less. My number is 918-207-0232, please feel free to reach out, or you can visit my website at Please like and share!


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