We wish to thank the following organizations and individuals for officially endorsing our campaign



Oklahoma Education Association

Oklahoma Rural Schools Coalition

Oklahoma Retired Educators Associtaion


Bob Ed Culver understands the issues facing Oklahoma businesses and is committed to leading in these areas.  By supporting Bob Ed, he will fight for the reforms that will make Oklahoma a better place to live, work and raise a family. – State Chamber We Mean Business PAC

Teachers all across Cherokee County are supporting Bob Ed Culver, and I’m one of them.  My name is Billy Flint, and I’m an educator at Northeastern State University.  Bob Ed is my choice for state representative because he’s a good, honorable man of integrity who I know will fight for education in Cherokee County.  Whether it’s K through 12 or higher ed at Northeastern State University, our public school system needs a leader at the state capitol.  We need Bob Ed.  He will SHOW UP and WIN for our teachers, students and parents.  Everyone knows a good education is key to a more prosperous future for our children and our state – so let’s do something about it.  Let’s elect Bob Ed Culver. – Billy Flint

I’m a rural school teacher, and I’m supporting Bob Ed Culver for state representative.  I know he’ll be an effective representative who will work for us.  He’ll be a champion for rural schools.  When the big city politicians come to rob us of our local control and resources, when they try to consolidate our rural schools, Bob Ed Culver will be there.  He’ll show up, work hard, stand strong and he will WIN for us.  I hope you’ll join me in supporting Bob Ed Culver for state representative. – Mickey McGowan

Bob has a sterling reputation in the community of supporting our teachers and education.  We need Bob for his experience, temperament and common sense judgement. – Craig Nordlie

 I am proud to endorse Bob Ed Culver for Oklahoma House of Representatives!  I trust him to represent us and vote for what is best for district!!  – Janet Nordlie

I am pleased to endorse Bob Ed Culver!A.C. Cargill

My husband and I know Bob Ed Culver; we know that he is an energetic and dedicated person who will do what is right for Cherokee County and the State of Oklahoma.  He will show up to vote!  We wholeheartedly endorse Bob Ed Culver! – Diane Timmons

I have known Bob Ed Culver and his family my entire life.  His family cared for the people of this area in some of their most difficult times, and his grandmother taught many of us during our tender years of elementary school.  Bob Ed will continue his family’s tradition of service to the people of this community.  HIs heart is here, and he actually cares about the people and not about their party affiliation.  He will show up and fight for us and be invited into doors not currently open to us here in Cherokee County.  It is my great pleasure to formally endorse Bob Ed Culver to be our next state representative! – Randy Gibson